Crowdtap Review: Get Free Stuff From Popular Brands

Welcome to my Crowdtap Review.

There’s an internet movement that is fast becoming very popular online and that is getting free stuff sent to you in exchange for sharing your opinion.

That’s what most of these kinds of companies want you to believe anyway, but are they really free?

You see, I beg to differ.

Anything that requires you to exchange your time and effort for some type of rewards is not (technically) receiving something for free.

But, I also understand that this depends on your perspective.

So with that said, let’s get into this Crowdtap review.

What is Crowdtap?

Crowdtap is another get-paid-to (GPT) website that offers it members a way to exchange their time and effort for free product samples or gift cards.

The platform is fairly intuitive to join and you can get get started in a matter off minutes.

In this Crowdtap review, you will discover the various ways you can make money with Crowdtap, how you can get free product samples and whether or not it is worth the time and effort.

How Does Crowdtap Work?

While there are two ways for you to sign up with Crowdtap, you’ll find that the easiest way to do this is by using the Facebook signup process rather than the email process.

This is because which ever process you sign up with, they both require that you have a Facebook account and link it to your account.

The basic concept of Crowdtap is that you complete a series of tasks, which they call missions. Once you complete a mission, you earn points.

These points can then be exchanged for giftcards.

Crowdtap Review – How Do You Earn Points?

You are given a variety of different missions to complete and I have listed these types of missions below.

Different types of missions

Online polls are really easy to complete and is a simple case of checking boxes. Whilst, they don’t earn you many points they are super easy to complete and you’ll get through without too much trouble.

The company gets you to take photos of their products on shelves. Usually this consists of you take a photo of something the company is looking for.

Companies get you to comment on particular concepts or topics that are associated with their brand.

You will be sent a link to a article where the company will ask for your feedback on the content, whether that be a video, blog post or photo.

This is an interactive panel where the Crowdtap members have discussions about certain topics relating to a brand and it’s products. The information can then be use to help brands develop new product or enhance current products.

In short, these missions are surveys or a series of online polls.

These missions are ones that brands send you free product samples and ask you for your feedback. These are not so easy to get approved for, but could be worthwhile if you persistent or if you already have an audience of like minded friend or family members.

Brands are usually wanting to get an informed review of their products and how it relates to their target audience.

You will have access to a number of different brands depending on your progfile and what companies are looking for.

There are 2 categories – My Brands which are brands you have already joined and Other Brands, which are the ones you are yet to be approved for.

Crowdtap Review – Earn Rewards

There are two ways for you earn rewards with Crowdtap – one is in the form of receving free products and the other is from getting gift cards from online stores like

Obviously, getting free products is a great way for you to exchange your time and effort for rewards, but at the end of the day, is this really free, since you have spent your time completing tasks.

I think this is just a marketing gimmick that companies like Crowdtap use to get people signing up.

Because remember what I said earlier, they make money from the companies to get people to complete all of these tasks.

If you’re okay exchanging your time for completing these tasks, then it’s all good, but let’s just be honest about it – you are paying for the privilege one way or another.

The points system is fairly basic and like most GPT websites, you usually have to reach a threshold in order for you to exchange your points for gift cards.

Crowdtap is no different in that respect in that the threshold amount is 1000 points.

For 1000 points you will be able to exchange that for a $5 gift card.

Crowdtap Review – How much can you earn?

While I have seen a variety of people around the web purport on their Crowdtap earnings, I get the general feeling that on average most are earning around $10 to $15 per month with Crowdtap.

Hey, I ain’t mad, that’s better than nothing – right?

But kind of depends on your situation and whether this is the money making opportunity for you or would you time and effort be better spent elsewhere.

Final Verdict

So I hoped got the low down from this Crowdtap review.

Like I said earlier, I ain’t mad about Crowdtap, in that whilst you earn a lot, it doesn’t mean that Crowdtap is a scam.

Nope, in my opinion at least I feel that Crowdtap is a legit way for you to exchange your time for rewards.

I guess you can talk about rewards as receiving cash is some respects because you can exchange it for products from online stores like and they work in the same way.

In my opinion Crowdtap is an interesting way for you to exchange your time for rewards, but I feel that your time and effort could be better spent elsewhere building a real online business.

The amount of time and effort you spend completing these tasks is basically the same developing an online business.

It make take a little more time to develop, but in the long run it will produce thousands of dollars for you a month instead of pocket change.